Danae: Zaitz: I started lifting in high school but it wasn't anything serious, I left that to the jocks ;) I always wanted to be fit and would lift and exercise to keep up with
my body. Now, being a mother of 4, I love to exercise to set an example of a healthy lifestyle to my children. I compete and a healthy lifestyle is a MUST for me. I want
to be the best me I can be, for myself and for my family.

Christian Duque: Most interviews will ask what's your favorite and/or least favorite bodypart(s) to train, but I'd like to put you on the spot. I'd for you to objectively
assess your physique and tell us what bodypart you feel needs the most work, what you're doing to bring it up, and what your overall goal is for it?

Danae: Zaitz: My legs/hams/glutes.. My worst area and always the LAST to come in if they do at all. I'm working REALLY hard this season to reduce fat and build
muscle. Stairmaster has become my best friend. I do a really intense leg workout. I do my legs twice a week, 1 heavy day 1 light day with about 4 days rest
inbetween. I'd love to have the perfect backside with no lumps or bumps, just a nice tight glute/ham area. It WILL happen! Lunges Lunges Lunges :)
    NPC Figure Competitor
    Danae Lumpp Zaitz   Q&A

Christian Duque: Let's start with the basics (name, age, ht/wt/, hometown, and home gym)
Danae: Zaitz: 38, 5'5 1/2, Mt. Prospect, IL and Lifetime Fitness Algonquin, IL.

Christian Duque: At what age did you first start lifting, and what inspired you then & today?
Christian Duque:  Please speak to the general vibe backstage and on stage. i know many girls feel that the women tend to be less friendly amongst each other
than the men. Would you agree with this position? And if not, what advice would you give women wanting to interact but as of yet have been unsuccessful at

Danae: Zaitz: No. I found everyone to be VERY friendly and supportive backstage. My first show I was a little nervous to talk to anyone because I was the newbie but
my 2nd show I saw people from my first show and it was better. Everyone helps each other with tan and glaze and food ;) We all cheer each other on when we're not
on stage and I've found it to be a very pleasant experience. Can't wait to do it again in Aug!

Christian Duque:  What show(s) are you currently looking to compete in? Are you strictly interested in the NPC, or would entertain the notion of trying out other

Danae: Zaitz: I am planning on trying several federations this time around. I was strictly NPC in my first year but this year I feel I need a little variety. I will be doing
ABA in Aug., NGA (Windy City Classic) in Sept and then 2 NPC (Ironman and Mid-States Muscle Classic) shows in Nov.

Christian Duque:  Thanks very much for the interview. Where can people go to keep up with you and/or find out what projects you're currently up to? Are there
any companies and/or people you'd like to thank?

Danae: Zaitz: Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit about myself. You can find me on Facebook www.facebook.com/DanaeZ82. I'm currently looking for
company sponsorship. I would love to represent the wonderful suppliment companies that help us in our sport. I also am looking at getting into fitness modeling. If
anyone reading this wants to get ahold of me please contact me via Facebook www.facebook.com/DanaeZ82.

Thank you to my husband Mike, without him I couldn't do any of this! Thanks to my kids Jake, Natalie, Ben and Abby for putting up with me prepping for 16 weeks
and doing 4 shows in a year. I know it's hard sometimes but thanks for your support, I love you. To my friends who support me no matter what: Jillian Reville, Jill
Crean and Sandy Wiedemeyer. To all my new friends who I've made because of this wonderful sport, we've only just begun! You all ROCK!!!
Christian Duque:Talk to us about your training. Are you strictly into weights and cardio, or do you incorporate
bands, classes, machines, and/or martial arts or yoga?

Danae: Zaitz: I do both weights and cardio for sure. I do use machines, one's that target different things that free
weights can't necessarily get. I don't do classes often. If I do I'll take a yoga class to keep my flexibility and just to
relax my mind. I use bands if I'm at my track workout.

Christian Duque: Now... let's talk about family and your sport. You're a mother and a wife. Talk to us about these
key responsibilities and how your sport fits in with your other roles?

Danae: Zaitz: Luckily I'm a stay at home mom. My husband is able to support us and I'm so thankful to be home with
my little ones. I have 4 kids. 18, 14 and 5 yr old twins. In being a stay at home mom, I can do the gym really on my
own time. I usually go when my kids are in pre-school. I have a 3 hr window alone so that's when I go so I don't have
to take any time away from them. They love the gym though, so I take them a lot. My husband also works out
everyday so it's a family affair and we really love it. I feel it's my biggest responsibilty to set a good example to my
kids and be fit and healthy so I involve them as much as possible. My 5 yr old daughter was with me buying my food
for the week and she says to me "Mom, these Asparagus look beautiful today!". I mean, come on.... what better
example can I be ;)

Christian Duque: What are friends and co-workers like when they find out how much you train and/or during
contest prep? How do you deal with the haters -- be they friends or rude onlookers at the market or people you
just talk are talking smack about you?

Danae: Zaitz: I pay them no mind really. I know there are friends and even some family that just doesn't "get" the
sport, they think it's unhealthy. To them I say, Whoppers are unhealthy for you, chicken and asparagus and sweet
potato aren't. One time at the store buying my food for the week, the clerk asked me if I was having a bbq. I laughed
and said, nope, just my food for the week. He looked at me very funny and I got a good giggle out of it :) Some
people think I'm crazy going to to the gym so much but most are very supportive and tell me I'm an inspiration to
them to get moving. My family and close friends all get it and know how much I love it, so that's all that matters to
me. Haters are just people who don't know enough. I'd like to say to them, do some research on the sport and clean
diet before you knock it.

Christian Duque: You've done a few NPC shows. Please tell us all the shows you've done, including
weight/height classes you've competed in and your placings.

Danae: Zaitz: I did the NPC Continental in Sept 2009 and I placed 4th in Masters C class. I also did the NPC Mid-
States Muscle Classic in Nov 2009 and I placed 5th in Masters C class.
Danae, with her daughter, Natalie, at the
ABA Natural Northern USA.
A recent training
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