2019 Joe Weider's Mr. Olympa
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New Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry &
Brandy Curry Speak!!

Don't miss my great interview with The Curry's
following Brandon's huge win, becoming the
15th man to be crowned Mr. Olympia. I have
been a big supporter of Brandon's for quite
some time and I am extremely proud of him. I
can't thank him and Brandy enough for doing
this interview with me on this very special night
for them.
Shawn Ray Grills William Bonac

This was the BEST question and the most
awkward moment of the entire 2019 Mr.
Olympia Press Conference. Not satisfied with
one round, Sugar Shawn Ray went at The
Conqueror for a second time. To Bonac's credit
he didn't lose his cool, but there's no doubt he
was annoyed to be asked so nonchalantly
about his very public split with longtime coach
Neil Hill.